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Reach for the stars with Recreational Aviation Newcastle, a flying school providing quality flight training seven days a week.

Cultivate your flying skills with our expert Newcastle flight training specialists. Established in 1991, at Recreational Aviation Newcastle we are dedicated to helping our students learn the fundamentals of their chosen aircraft as well as takeoff, manoeuvre and land it safely.

Learn to fly with our experienced pilots who are specialists in all facets of recreational aviation. We have a range of courses catering to all levels of flight experience, from beginners through to advanced fliers, we have something for every aviation enthusiast. Our courses cover basic flight training, formation training, tailwheel training, navigation training and instructor training.

At Recreational Aviation Newcastle our flying school is a central hub for all lovers of flying and aviation. From trial flights through to full-time aviation training, we offer our services seven days a week at competitive prices. Being owner operated, you can deal directly with the business owner to ensure satisfaction throughout your training.

Our pilots are fully licensed to provide training for in aircraft such as Tecnam, Quicksilvers, Gazelle and Cessna Skycatch planes. All our planes are regularly serviced and maintained for optimal safety and performance.

Take to the sky with the help of Recreational Aviation Newcastle, your ultimate flying school.

Ultralights Australia - The home for everything you need for ultralight aircraft in Australia. Proud distributors for Quicksilver Aircraft, Starfox Aircraft, Puddlejumpers Floats, Rapidbuilt Shelters and more. Whether it is the Quicksilver GT500, GT400, Sport 2S or MXL2, we can supply kits and parts for all of the above.

Quicksilver Aircraft Australia & RA Newcastle combine to conduct  flight training and GA conversions in the Quicksilver GT500-912 and the Quicksilver Sport 2S - 582, plus a Tecnam and Foxbat are also available. For more info call or email me.

Flight training is conducted by an approved RAA CFI Keith McGeachie (RAAus - CFI, PE) who is experienced in a variety of ultralight and GA aircraft.

Quicksilver GT500 B
Sport 2s