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The Quicksilver GT-500 development program was started with the goal of producing the best performing Quicksilver ever. Quicksilver’s aim was to design an aircraft that would transcend the category of ultralight & provide general aviation with the entry level aircraft it desperately needed. The focus was on more speed, better aerodynamics, and a greater range.


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Quicksilver GT500
Quicksilver GT500 Bert
Quicksilver GT500 Grey

The GT500 is now being used in the USA for Surveillance and intelligence gathering for Govt applications.

Utilising their award winning CAD/CAM design & engineering techniques, and the most extensive R&D testing in the industry, Quicksilver’s engineers achieved that goal and more. 

The Quicksilver GT 500 can climb from 0 to 10,000 feet in just 8.5 minutes*, and can cover 100 nautical miles in about 70 minutes.When you add all this to the superb handling characteristics that have long been the Quicksilver’s hallmark, you have an aircraft that delivers pleasure as well as performance.

An Ideal Trainer

The Quicksilver GT 500 is remarkably docile and easy to fly. It’s dual three-axis controls are responsive without sacrificing low speed stability. The adjustable trim & flaps allow for positive slow flight and gentle stall at about 33 Knots. It cruises from 48 to 70 Knots, with a top speed of about 78 Knots.** Only about 50 meters is required for the take off roll.*** A generous useful load capacity can easily accommodate two people and some extra gear.

GT500 specs 2
GT500 specs
GT500 spec 4

Kits available with or without engines

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